Welcome to the Department of Pathology of the Faculty of Medicine,Colombo.
The Department of Pathology is involved mainly in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching,research & diagnostic work which includes histopathology,haematology & cytology.

Specialized areas of diagnostic work include immunohistochemistry, prognostication of breast carcinoma,renal pathology,dermatopathology,urological pathology,perinatal and fetal pathology.


"To be a leader in education, diagnostic services and research in pathology, in South Asia."


"The mission of the Department of Pathology, Faculty of Medicine, Colombo, is to produce medical graduates, post graduates & health related personnel who are able to link the cause and effects of disease and to apply this knowledge in providing optimal patient care to the individual and the community with competence and compassion .
It will achieve excellence in the fields of diagnostic histopathology, haematology and chemical pathology, with provision of expertise in areas of super specialization.
The department will provide leadership in research, policy formulation and quality assurance in pathology by maintaining an environment of inquiry and continuos self-evaluation.
We will fulfill our mission in a spirit of shared responsibilities and team work in a happy working environment. "


1) To achieve excellent standards in teaching and training of medical undergraduates, post graduates and health related personnel in pathology.

2) To provide an excellent diagnostic service in histopathology, haematology and chemical pathology.

3) To establish diagnostic services in areas of super specialization.

4) To provide voluntary diagnostic pathology services to areas of the country, with a dearth of pathologists.

5) To be a national referral centre for cancer diagnosis.

6) To establish a telepathology diagnostic link with local and foreign centres of excellence

7) To foster quality research in histopathology, haematology and chemical pathology.

8) To carry out collaborative research with local and foreign centres.

9) To guide policy formulation regarding the training of pathologists, health related personnel and delivery of diagnostic services, in keeping with the health needs of the country.

10) To develop and sustain quality assurance in education and diagnostic services in the field of pathology.

11) To restructure the existing space in the department, in order to optimize services.

12) To acquire necessary laboratory, office and teaching equipment.

13) To play an active role in health education of the community regarding prevention and early diagnosis of disease.

14) To increase public awareness regarding services of the department of pathology.

15) To develop strategies for self-sustainability.

16) To play a leading role a provision of continuing professional development in pathology.

17) To create an environment of shared responsibility and team spirit, whilst recognizing the need for individual development.


Department of Pathology

Our Mission: To explore the basis of human disease, share this knowledge with others, and use this understanding to improve the accuracy of medical diagnosis and the treatment of patients.

Our Academic Contributions: Members of the Department of Pathology participate actively in the teaching of medical students through lectures, laboratories and electives. Faculty teach in graduate programs and offer training in their research laboratories. The Department’s Residency Program is a vibrant learning experience where faculty and residents work side-by-side. All faculty are involved in extending knowledge through research, either as the principal investigator or as a collaborator, and residents and students are encouraged to develop their academic potential.

Our Services: The Department of Pathology provides a complete range of anatomic and clinical diagnostic and consultation services. Cytologic examination of specimens from the body sites and tissue types are routinely preformed. Routine and specialized testing is offered in clinical chemistry, hematology, hematopathology, diagnostic flow, cytometry, neuropathology, molecular diagnostics, immunology, microbiology, endocrinology, and cytogenetics. Therapeutic plasmapheresis and leukapheresis as well as blood component preparation services are provided.