• Admission open . entrance exam on 9/6/2011
  • Stomatology faculty has been inaugurated
  • Cheragh medical institute and hospital by experte doctors and teachers is pioneer in serving medical services






Medical Education and Curriculum


CMI accepts standard in curative medicine and dental medicine facilities. Our curriculum is based on arthritis medical curriculum.
Every educational year consist of two semesters. One spring semester and one fall semester/


Curative Medicine
Consist of six years, five years of which include lectures and practical's as well clinical postings and the one year of the end the students will issued MD degree which is attested by the ministry of higher education of Afghanistan.

Dental Faculty:
Consist of 5 years, 4 years and half of which includes lecture. Practical as well as clinical postings and last semester will be the internship period.

Consist of 5 years and the students will receive Pharm. D degree. 




Health services


CMI has its own private teaching hospital and it's the first teaching hospital with certified doctors and specialists serving our country and respected patients.
Cheragh hospital includes the following departments:
-    General surgery
-    Urology
-    ENT
-    OB/GYN
-    Internal medicine
And fully equipped medical laboratory
Radiology department
1)    Ultrasonography
2)    Echocardiography
3)    Endoscopy
4)    Lithotripsy machine 

 agreement with the Martyred Mohammad dawood khan hospital 17/3/1389
Diagnostic center of cheragh hospital is 24 hours active for serologic, Bichemical, Rotein, Bacteriology, Histopathology, Pathology and Hematology examinations in equipped computerized laboratory
Library with suitable environment and internet access
Surgery services on 24 hours active and available with professional doctors and specialists with special ward rooms and general ward rooms