Patient Care

Rehman Medical Institute provides a variety of rooms with different services and facilities. All the rooms are very well lit, clean and carefully decorated by professional interior designers. All the rooms are centrally heated and air-conditioned.

Deluxe Room

Like the VIP room, this room also has a 14 inches television set with a comfortable bed, a single seater and one 3-seater sofa is also provided.

Private Room

The private room caters to patients who need privacy, providing an attached baeater sofa.

Semi-Private Room

This room provides all the facilities that are provided in a private room except that this room accommodates two patients at a time, reducing the cost burden on the patient's attendants.

All the patients' rooms provide bed-side monitors and central oxygen supplies , nurse call button and are fully equipped with all medical items a patient may require. RMI is very particular about maintaining proper cleanliness providing quality of service to the patients.

These services include changing the patient's uniform, mouth care, back care, bedding change on daily basis, cleaning the rooms and the bathrooms and kitchen, providing a balanced diet (according to the consultant's advice, to the patient).