The RMI Gynecology Service offers women the most advanced treatment available. Routine care is available for annual physical examination, contraceptive management, Pap smears and other related services.

The RMI Obs. and Gynae department provides specialized gynecological and obstetrical care, which are designed for women who may prefer continuity of care during and after their childbearing years.

Other facilities provided are minor and major obstetric and gynecological procedures, e.g. pregnancy related problems and the old age problems of women e.g. general health care of young and old women. Prenatal care and problems related to normal delivery, forceps delivery, and Caesarian section, AP repair/UUF repair, natal and post natal care is also provided.

By administering epidural auestheria, Painless delivery is also available round the clock.

Skilled, nurturing care is the hallmark of the RMI Obstetrics Service. The gynecologists, nurses and other medical professionals believe that each childbearing experience is unique. They work in partnership with each woman to ensure that her individual needs and preferences are met from early pregnancy through the birth process. They also aim to satisfy their female geriatric patients.